Package: RNifti 1.7.0

RNifti: Fast R and C++ Access to NIfTI Images

Provides very fast read and write access to images stored in the NIfTI-1, NIfTI-2 and ANALYZE-7.5 formats, with seamless synchronisation of in-memory image objects between compiled C and interpreted R code. Also provides a simple image viewer, and a C/C++ API that can be used by other packages. Not to be confused with 'RNiftyReg', which performs image registration and applies spatial transformations.

Authors:Jon Clayden [cre, aut], Bob Cox [aut], Mark Jenkinson [aut], Matt Hall [ctb], Rick Reynolds [ctb], Kate Fissell [ctb], Jean-loup Gailly [cph], Mark Adler [cph]

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# Install 'RNifti' in R:
install.packages('RNifti', repos = c('', ''))

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Uses libs:
  • zlib– Compression library
  • c++– GNU Standard C++ Library v3



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Help Manual

Help pageTopics
Access to metadata elements$.niftiImage $<-.niftiImage
Create or modify an NIfTI image objectasNifti asNifti.default retrieveNifti updateNifti
Extract channels from RGB datachannels
Info panels for the built-in viewerdefaultInfoPanel timeSeriesPanel
Internal imagesas.array.internalImage dim.internalImage dim<-.internalImage internalImage [.internalImage [<-.internalImage
NIfTI extension codesExtensionCodes
NIfTI extensionsextension extension<- extensions extensions<-
Number of dimensionsndim
Dump or construct a raw NIfTI or ANALYZE headeranalyzeHeader dumpNifti niftiHeader print.analyzeHeader print.niftiHeader
Check the format version of a fileniftiVersion
Pixel dimensions and unitspixdim pixdim.default pixdim<- pixdim<-.default pixunits pixunits.default pixunits<- pixunits<-.default
Read NIfTI or ANALYZE format filesreadAnalyze readNifti
RGB arraysas.character.rgbArray as.raster.rgbArray rgbArray [.rgbArray
A basic 3D image viewerlyr view
Transform points between voxel and ``world'' coordinatesorigin voxelToWorld worldToVoxel
Write a NIfTI or ANALYZE format filewriteAnalyze writeNifti
Obtain or replace the ``xform'' transforms for an imageorientation orientation<- qform<- rotation sform<- xform